Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Developer Reference, by Paolo Pialorsi: Microsoft Press

I recently read Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Developer Reference, by Paolo Pialorsi. I had two goals when I started. The first was to understand more about what SharePoint could do for me, especially in regards to being part of a Business Intelligence solution. The second was to learn how to program SharePoint. And while this book only partly helped me with my first goal, it’s a great resource for the second. I’m not disappointed in my choice.

The books title clearly says “Developer Reference”. And the author states in the Introduction that the book is aimed at existing .NET developers and not administrators. Nevertheless he still covers some of the basics in Part I, on Getting Started. One of the invaluable chapters here explains the different features available in each edition of SharePoint.

My favorite sections covered the programming aspects and web parts. This book has sections for using LINQ to SharePoint. They’re written in a way that I could understand. I had no problems running any of the code examples I attempted. I’ll admit that I didn’t work through each example but the ones I did helped me understand the concepts better.

Workflows are one of the key concepts in SharePoint, and there’s a whole section devoted to them. One thing I learned here is that SharePoint is still using the older versions of the Workflow Foundation so the book doesn’t cover WF4.  

I highly recommend this book for any experienced programmer looking to develop for SharePoint 2010.