Strata RX Conference 2012 Video – A Review

This post is my review of the video set from the Strata RX Conference, held in San Francisco on October 16th – 17th 2012.

I’m a SQL DBA for a company in the healthcare field, and as such I try to keep current with trends that affect patient medical records. Leverage the Power of Big Data in HealthcareI’m not as familiar with “big data” as I’d like to be. So when I saw the Strata RX Conference 2012 I thought it was one that would be beneficial to me.Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend. But I found that O’Reilly has made the complete conference video set available on the O’Reilly Media site.

This full set contains over 29 hours of content from the 2 day conference, including the keynotes and panel discussions. There’s over 50 files you can either watch online or download the .mp4 to watch when you’re not connected to the internet. Most of the videos are short, they probably average about 30 minutes each. And like every video I’ve ever seen from O’Reilly, the audio and video quality are superb. Watching these videos is like having a front row seat at each session. Sometimes questions from the audience can be hard to make out. But that happens if you see the session live as well. It’s up to the presenter to repeat the question so everyone can hear it.

While the set, subtitled Leverage the Power of Big Data in Healthcare, does talk about healthcare and big data I found the most interesting sessions to be on the future of handling medical records. In particular John Kansky from the Indiana Health Information Exchange had a very interesting session on where health information exchange is heading. He talks about some of the issues setting up ACOs. Another favorite video is a panel discussion with moderated by DJ Patil and Tim O’Reilly, Benjamin West, John Mattison talking about where healthcare will be in 2020. Believe it or not, there were electronic health records as far back as the 1970’s. Tim O’Reilly had the best line of the conference when he stated that you won’t be calling your doctor, but rather your doctor will be calling you.

I encourage anyone who works with medical data to watch these videos. The price is steep, at $299.99. But your company would probably be willing to pick up the cost as there is a lot of information that’s beneficial to all healthcare companies, whether they deal with patient care or insurance. There’s a lot of the changes of healthcare data here, through HITECH, HIPAA  or just to see where we’re going. These videos will help you and your company do just that. Just tell your manager that $299.99 is a lot cheaper than sending you to San Francisco for a few days!